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Passion, purpose, faith, commitment, and mentorship is a good recipe for magic. The idea of "if your dreams aren't scaring you, they aren't big enough" has been the vehicle that has driven Simply Sweetness Food Design since day one. For us, Food is Art, Experience is Elements that clients never forget, and All Things Are Possible!


Key Points



Business Goals:

Our program is designed to examine all the fundamentals needed to establish your vision for your company.

  • Licenses

  • Standard Insurance/Certificates of Insurance

  • Ein Number

  • Business Accounts/Business Credit Cards

  • Tax Tips

  • Marketing Material

  • Website Review

  • Company Emails

  • Social Media

  • Contract Clauses with Clients

  • Contracts with Employees

  • 1099 Contractors

  • Business Plan Framework: Mission Statement, Business Description, Value Proposition, Product/Services/Streams of Income, Profit Vs. Hard Goods, Who Are Your Customers, Who Are The Most Important Clients, Marketing Strategy, Elevator Pitch, Key Partners, Customer Expectations, Competitors, Company Philosophy, Logo, Optiatioms Process, 30/60/90 Day Action Plan


To ensure that SSFD Business Coaching is 100% beneficial, we ask that you put together your top ten priorities for your business that you would like to accomplish. We ask that you share your social media handles, your email, your website, your business start date, and revenue that you have made in the past 12 months. We ask that this information be provided at least 7 days prior to start date of coaching.



  • One Sweet Touch $499.00: Three (3) one hour sessions over the phone or via video.


  • Designing Your Future $2,499.00: Ten (10) one hour sessions over the phone or via video, One (1) in-person two hour session, & One (1) event shadow opportunity.


  • The Simply Sweetness Food Design Experience $9,997.00: This twelve month program is designed to set you up to make more money with high level clients covering Planning, Food Styling, Floral Design, Marketing Schedules, Brand Creation, Pricing, Proposals, Cake Design Basics, Order Of Operations, Vendor Partnerships, Venue Scouting, Floor Plans, Catering Concepts including: Stations, Charcuteries, Hors d'oeuvres, & More. Included: Templates, One time a week 20 minute calls over the phone or via video for accountability check ins, review of goals, questions, & following week intentions. *These calls can occur in a group setting with other like- minded entrepreneurs. Five (5) In-person four hour sessions with classroom style instruction of Floral Design Fundamentals, Food Styling, Charcuterie Building, and more. Homework & review will occur after classroom instruction sessions. *These sessions can occur in a group setting with other like-minded entrepreneurs. One In-Person Business Vision Board Luncheon, and Two (2) event shadows opportunities.


Business Coaching is available Monday-Wednesday over the phone or via video. In-person scheduling and classroom instruction may occur Monday-Sunday, but based on Nicole's availability. Sessions start at designated start time unless otherwise discussed. Late arrival will not change designated start time.


Payment can be made via Zelle at, Apple Pay, Paypal (paypal link available on, credit card or debit car payments are accepted with a 4% transaction fee added to the total balance. *If you choose Paypal, please check "friends/family" or you will be responsible for transaction fee. Payment confirmation will be sent once received.

I Am Hnored To Be A Part Of YourJourney

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